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18U Katy Cruisers Gold-Melby

    Head Coach -  Dale Melby 713-417-6239  

Since the year 2000 we have graduated every senior to a softball college scholarship!!  Our
coaching staff is made up of former college players. We take pride in the success of our players by
providing each of them with the tools that are required to succeed at the next level.  Our coaches
are constantly striving to make each athlete a better person on and off the field which will only
help them compete at the college level and in Life. We have had a proven track record with the
college coaches throughout the past and will continue it through the future.
Our recruiting effort plays a huge roll in college coaches continuing to follow us around the
tournament circuit, year in and year out! We continue to play ASA/Triple Crown and other top
organizations during the season and participate in the top recruiting tournaments during the fall
so that our players have a chance to showcase their skills in front of some of the top college
coaches in the country. The Katy Cruisers Gold team remains a program that truly cares about each
athlete's dream of playing college softball. Softball is a very short career, but we believe the
lessons learned as a Katy Cruiser will last a lifetime.

We are looking for pitchers and catchers, middle infielders, and speedy outfielders.
We are currently sponsored by Wilson/DeMarini.

Dale Melby, Manager, Recruiting Coordinator Devon Melby, Head Coach
Tiffany Stritz, Pitching Coach Brittany Castro, Assist. Coach
Contact: Dale Melby email: Mobile: 713-417-6239

The Cruisers Gold 18U team at St. Edwards University with Pitching Coach - Cat Osterman and Head Coach at St. Edwards - Lindsay Gardner,  (Both are former Cruiser Gold Players)